On January 22nd, the YEIP International Conference took place at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), bringing together over 100 young people, politicians, policy makers and scholars to debate the issue of youth radicalisation.
The event was organised by the social cooperative Anziani e non solo, in collaboration with Liguria Region, IARS international Institute of London and CRID – Interdepartmental Research Centre on Discriminations and vulnerabilities UNIMORE.

The conference presented the results of the first phase of the Erasmus + Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP), whose aim is to create new tools for the prevention of youth radicalisation, based on the principles of positive psychology, Good Lives Model and restorative justice.
During the event Theo Gavrielides – founder and director of the IARS International Institute and coordinator of YEIP, launched the volumes “Young, marginalised but not radicalised: A comparative study of positive approaches to youth radicalisation” and “Youth Radicalisation, Restorative Justice and the Good Lives Model: Comparative learnings from seven countries”, downloadable for free from the project website:
The volumes include original findings from 7 Member States: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden, investigating the state of the art concerning the theme of radicalisation.

Antonella Inverno, Head of Policy & Law Unit of Save the Children Italia ONLUS, said “The youth participation at this event represents the occasion to empower young people as individuals, but also as members of the community, positively influencing their decisions and actions”.

“The importance of acting in prevention of all forms of extremism, through socio-educational interventions on the themes of identity, participation, empowerment and conflict mediation emerges clearly from the YEIP Conference”, said Licia Boccaletti from the social cooperative Anziani e non solo, responsible for the YEIP project.

Stefano Dambruoso MP, the first signatory of the Italian draft law “Measures for the prevention of jihadist radicalisation and violent jihadist extremism”, underlined the importance of aligning national policies with the European strategy to counter extremism. This must be founded not only on prosecution and criminal response, but also on prevention, essential for the achievement of effective results, he said.

Preventing Radicalisation and Social Exclusion from the bottom up: Young People’s Voices

On the 22nd January 2018 at Modena University, Italy, the findings of the EU funded Youth Empowerment and Prevention Project (YEIP) were launched, revealing new directions in preventing youth radicalisation. Click here to find out: presentations, videos, e-books and more…