Date: 29th January 2020
Location: Stratford Campus, Water Lane, E15 4LZ


At a critical time when European solidarity is questioned, the 8th IARS International Annual Conference will launch the findings of the Erasmus+ “Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP)”. Led by young people and coordinated by Professor Theo Gavrielides, YEIP was delivered in partnership with 18 partners from seven EU countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Romania and the UK). YEIP constructed and tested an innovative, policy intervention model that is founded on the principles of youth-led research, positive psychology and the Good Lives Model.

The conference will bring together all our partners including the public authorities that took part in YEIP, as well as young people, decision makers and scholars from across Europe. Through keynotes and workshops, we will debate solutions, identify best practices and create much needed space for discussion and networking opportunities. This conference will focus on young people, aiming to push barriers for European and national policymaking and practice through the presentation of evidence-based solutions and giving a platform to the voices that are rarely heard to lead on debates that affect them. The conference will also launch the e-book that will publish the results and evidence from the project including the views of over 3000 young people and professionals on the issue of youth violent radicalisation and what works for policy and practice.


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