The purpose of the Italian chapter is to investigate the problem of violent radicalisation in Italy, analysing the existence of laws, policies and good preventive practices, also linked to the principles of positive psychology, Good Lives Model and restorative justice.

The investigation will be useful for the second phase of experimentation that, in Italy, will take place in “School” and “University” environments.
The chapter analyses, in general, historical and socio-cultural Italian background in relation to terrorism, also examining the relationship between mafia and terrorism, and, in specific, jihadist extremism and political extremism in their contemporary manifestation.

The chapter also examines Italian, European and International law system related to the prevention of radicalisation.
Finally, some examples of good radicalisation prevention practices are proposed, including experiences in the field of mafia prevention, considered possible elements of inspiration for the creation of the YEIP tools.

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Preventing Radicalisation and Social Exclusion from the bottom up: Young People’s Voices

On the 22nd January 2018 at Modena University, Italy, the findings of the EU funded Youth Empowerment and Prevention Project (YEIP) were launched, revealing new directions in preventing youth radicalisation. Click here to find out: presentations, videos, e-books and more…