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On the 20th of September the IARS Founder and Director, Dr Theo Gavrielides, was invited by the European Commission and Council of Europe HELP Radicalisation Prevention Project” to represent the Youth Empowerment and Innovation project at their Seminar “Implementation of de-radicalisation actions” on Radicalisation Prevention, held in Brussels.

The joint EU-CoE Radicalisation Prevention project aims at improving the criminal justice response in the EU to prevent radicalisation leading to terrorism and violent extremism by increasing the capacities and mutual trust of primarily justice practitioners dealing with radicalisation prevention (RP) through training, inter-agency and cross-border cooperation. The 2-year project is implemented by the CoE under the HELP Programme and will target legal professionals (judges, prosecutors and lawyers), prison and probation staff as well as law enforcement officers.

Dr Theo Gavrielides is the scienfitic coordinator of the Erasmus+ funded Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) project for the prevention of radicalisation and exclusion. The aim of YEIP is to construct and test an innovative policy intervention model founded on the principles of restorative justice, positive psychology and the Good Lives Model.
Led by young people and coordinated by The IARS International Institute, YEIP is delivered in partnership with 18 partners from seven EU countries, together to construct a strategic and systemic intervention that will help enhance social cohesion and prevent violent radicalisation of young people in Europe.

Key evidence emerging from YEIP so far include the disconnection between marginalization and youth violent radicalization as well as the increasing need for meaningful youth voice. YEIP is entering its piloting phase during which it will trial its tools in schools, universities, youth offending institutions and online. YEIP is asking any young person who has been online to take part in its online survey.

Seminar on Radicalisation Prevention
20-21 September 2018
IGO-IFJ, Avenue Louise 54, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
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