The Women’s Advisory Board ensured that users’ voices were reflected in YEIP’s practical results. The women, users and direct beneficiaries focused on projects and scrutinised all projects and took on a responsible role. In this framework, the women involved in the Board were trained community researchers and supported the Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project to reach out to the hardest to engage communities. Interviewed other refugees and asylum seekers and found out about their first-hand experiences, associated risks, and protective factors.
The Women’s Advisory Board’s role in YEIP involved peer research, co-facilitation of workshops, policy seminars and events aimed to impact current policy and legislation. They were also responsible, along with the Youth Advisory Board, for reviewing and scrutinising the Prevent model and all project materials directed to marginalised youth. In addition, the WAB worked alongside the YEIP team and co-designed awareness campaigns for vulnerable young women and girls.

“The WAB has helped me because now I have more confidence. I didn’t know before that I could like speak in between people, I did really not have a voice. Like when we are in the group we are talking about what’s happened to refugee women and you find yourself experiencing the same problems as others. All the women. Before when you didn’t know, you feel like I’m the only one going through this and then when you come to find out that a lot of people are going through the same situation so that gives you courage” D., WAB member