International Conference
Preventing Radicalisation and Social Exclusion from the bottom up: Young People’s Voices

22 January 2018 | Department of Law – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia |Via San Geminiano 3, Modena

9.30 | Institutional Greetings

Licia Boccaletti, ANS soc. coop. soc
Maria Luisa Gallinotti, Liguria Region
Arti Lad, Representative from the YEIP Youth Advisory Board
Vincenzo Pacillo, Department of Law UNIMORE

Introduction and coordination:
Gianfrancesco Zanetti, Director of CRID UNIMORE

10.15 |

Presentation of YEIP and First Phase Project Results
Theo Gavrielides, Founder and Director of the IARS International Institute, and Coordinator of YEIP

Tackling Youth Radicalisation: Exploring and Exploiting the Complementarity between the Good Lives Model and Positive Psychology
Sinclair Coward, Head of Academic Department of Social Work and Integrated Care, Buckinghamshire New University, UK, Partner of YEIP Project

11.05/11.15 | Q&A

Coffee break:| 16.10/16.25

11.30 |

Licia Boccaletti, Coordinator of European Projects, ANS soc. coop. soc.

Reducing Social Exclusion: Time For a Modern (Restorative) Approach?
Iman Haji, Programme Assistant Khulisa, UK Partner of YEIP Project

Perceptions of Precursors to Radicalisation: Reflections on a Cross-Cultural Study
Sabrina Hussain, Researcher, The Medical School, University of Warwick, UK

I, We, They at the time of international terrorism: identity and métissage in immigrant families
Giancarlo D’Antonio e Nadia Monacelli, Degree Course in Psychology of Clinical and Social Intervention

Young People and Participatory Action versus Radicalisation and Marginalisation
Antonella Inverno
Italy-EU Policy and Law Head of Unit, Save the Children

12.50/13.00 | Q&A

13.00/14.30 | Lunch break

14.30 |

Introduction and coordination
Maria Luisa Gallinotti, Head of Department of Health and Social Services for Vulnerable Groups, Social Policies and Family, Liguria Region

14.45 |

The Prevention of Youth Radicalisation in Italy: Introduction to the YEIP Report
Manuela Tagliani, Author of YEIP Italian Report, Collaborator at ANS soc. coop soc. and at CRID UNIMORE

The Law in the Times of Terrorism
Stefano Dambruoso, Quaestor of Chamber of Deputies and Magistrate Expert in International Terrorism

P/CVE, Working with Young People and Training Trainers: Experiences, Critical Issues and Prospects in Italy
Luca Guglielminetti, Researcher at Leon Battista Alberti Association – Torino, and Member of RAN – Radicalisation Awareness Network of European Commission

Young People and Radicalisation: a Cultural and Citizenship Challenge
Chaimaa Fatihi, Member of GMI – Giovani Musulmani d’Italia, and Author of the Book “Non ci avrete mai. Lettera aperta di una musulmana italiana ai terroristi”, Rizzoli 2016

16.00/16.10 Q&A

16.25 |

The Prevention of Radicalisation: When Young People Play an Active Role
Claudia Wildner, Volunteer at Mondinsieme Foundation – Reggio Emilia

Mafia Indoctrination of Children. Parental Responsibility – Institutional and Social Tools
Giovanna Giovetti, Honorary Tutelary Judge and Layer of the project “Liberi di scegliere” of Libera – associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie and Vincenza Rando, Member of National Bureau and Head of Legal Department at Libera

Preventing Radicalisation through Socio-Occupational Integration
Tatiana Esposito, Head of General Direction for Immigration and Integration Policies, Ministry of Work and Social Policies

17.20/17.30 | Q&A

17.30 |

Acknowledgements and Greetings
Theo GavrielidesFounder and Director of the IARS International Institute, and Coordinator of YEIP
Arti Lad Representative from the YEIP Youth Advisory Board

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