Find in each section some videos for learning more about the topics explored in the YEIP Toolkit:

Section 1. Understanding radicalisation phenomenon

• Presentation of YEIP project
VIDEO: YEIP project (2018). “THE YEIP project”,

• What is radicalisation phenomenon?
VIDEO: Efus (2016). “1/6 – Understanding Radicalisation and Raising Awareness”,

• Personal experiences:
VIDEO: Extreme Dialogue (2015). “Extreme Dialogue – Daniel Gallant”,

Section 2. Good Lives Model and Positive Psychology: self-confidence, self-acceptance, self-empowerment

• Personal experiences: countering extremism through the positive psichology:
VIDEO: Extreme Dialogue (2016). “Extreme Dialogue – Fowzia Duale Virtue”,

Section 3. Listening to young people and promoting their participation from a Human Rights Perspective

• Being a good listener:
VIDEO: The School of Life (2016). “Being a good listener”,

Section 4. Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking as a key to combatting radicalization

• Countering stereotypes and prejudices: “We have more in common than what we think”
VIDEO: TV 2 Danmark (2017). “TV 2 | All That We Share”,

• Countering hate speech
VIDEO: Teaching Tolerance (2018). “Teaching Tolerance Countering Online Hate Speech”,

• Understanding different conflict management styles
VIDEO: LaShelle Morrison (2016). “Thomas & Kilmann Conflict Management Style”,

• Resolving conflicts through restorative approach
VIDEO: Resolve Consultants (2017). “Introduction to Restorative Approaches”,

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